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Secure Brand Mention Articles in Top 5 UK Media Publications

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About This Proposal

Get ten brand mention articles about Your Business on Top 5 British Media Publications to attract the local English community for your project/business.

Globalisation will mean a need to develop a global perspective. The clients look to expand in the United Kingdom, PR firms will find themselves becoming global players. This widens the opportunity in terms of customer base, investors, coverage and acquisition targets.

With the growing adoption of social media, there is a combination of options available. Social media is catching up fast with traditional media and is becoming part of many companies’ communications approach. We can create tailored communications strategies and content to reach audiences and monitor the landscape for stakeholder sentiment.

Maybe you have a revolutionary startup or doing something unique in conventional business. You may be looking to attract the British community. In any case, landing a featured article in 5 UK media will be your best marketing investment ever. Unlike other agencies, we don't charge you for our efforts, we will only charge you for the result.

Featured on these 05 UK media publications about your brand will be added to a roundup article. Sometimes a quote from your CEO can be added if we feel necessary.

Media Publications [Any Five]:

  • Daily Mail
  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph
  • The Sun
  • The Times
  • Daily Mirror
  • The Daily Express
  • The Star The Mirror 
  • The Independent

Included With Guarantee:

  • 5 Unique Articles without grammatical & spelling mistakes
  • Professional News Article, Written by Media Expert
  • Translation & Proofreading of written articles
  • Researched, SEO-friendly and reader-friendly content 
  • You can review the article before it gets submitted
  • 5 Original 500+ words article with Brand Mention of Your Business
  • One Natural Link to Business Site [Whererever possible]
  • You’ll get Traffic from the post which can convert to customers

Excluded Categories/Niches:

  • Racial issues
  • Political & Religious opinions
  • Sex-related Escort services
  • Adult products& services
  • Firearms

Refund Policies: Before placing the order, kindly review the refund policies mentioned below:-

There is a REFUND ONLY if these conditions will not meet the result:     

  1. The article won't get published on media sites as promised on the media. 
  2. Once the article is live, there won't be any refund.  
  3. The pricing includes complete content ideation, creation, pitching, and publishing.
  4. ONLY one URL will be allowed in this service.

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